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The Outer Defenses

Approaching the alhambra there is only one main entrance from the ground level. In rugged Spanish hills there would often not be an outer ditch surrounding a castle or alhambra. Here we face a narrow gate way which leads up a flag stone to the outer defenses or bailey. Beside the gate is a narrow tower. Entering the alhambra would be an ever upward fight.

The Outer Ward Walls

Below is a section of the outer ward defensive wall. This is not a terribly substancial wall. You will notice that this wall uses lots of wood while the remainder of the alhambra has very little wood work. In order to make the model usable for siege games I have sections of the outer walls which are removable. In this way attackers can batter down the outer wall defenses. In this ward traders would be welcome to sell their wares.