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The English Civil War And The Thirty Years War

The Purpose of this Page

The purpose of this page is to introduce Pike Hack to the gaming public. Hopefully it will encourage readers and gamers to gain a better knowledge of the military aspects of the English Civil War. That is not to say that this games system does not address The Bishops' Wars and the Thirty Years War fought on the continent.

The Book Pike Hack: The Road To Dunbar is now available though On Military Matters, who asked to publish it in hard copy and at RPGNow.com in pdf. The book gives players the ability to play either scenario games or pick-up games. Players can either use outside sources or simply create their own armies. The system does not require players to have large amounts of figures to play. Instead, I have designed the system to use for infantry units of twelve figures or fewer. Cavalry units can be as large as ten figures or fewer. Players are encouraged to modify the rules to suit their own interpretation of the period. The rules follow the same ideas and ideals used in all the core rules sets in this series. Each book in the series is designed for specific periods. Here on the Classical Hack site you can look at my Notes and build your armies of the various periods of history. The system may not be perfect, but then is any game system? Then if not perfect, it is a good start. In the works is a Pike Hack Scenario book which will cover various early war scenario battles. Expect to see this at the end of 2014. To see our first Scenario Game Basing House CLICK HERE.

All of the Hack books are is available from our many distributors. Being a Yahoo Group Classical Hack member, or becoming one, entitles you to a 25% discount on of our CLASSICAL HACK series books. These are the only direct retail sales we do in hard copy. For a full list of our products go to the LMW Works Products Page.