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This Little House of Mine

The scenario I put on was quite simple. The Royalist garrison holding the place had to fend off the assaulting Roundheads until a Royalist relief column arrives.For details download the brochure, click here, which each player received. Dave Mills is now the proud owner of this little fortification.

From On High

Let me show you some of the parts of Basing House. First is an overhead view. On the right is the multiple story manor house which looks more like a keep. In front of the manor house are barracks and store rooms. One of the storerooms is round. I had to drastically reduce the interior of the fortifications to make the setting usable.

Here is a side view of the manor house from behind. The manor house probably replaced the old keep. The new defenses which rest beneath the Norman walls of either a shell keep or bailey are much lower but highly effective.

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